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(UB024) Using Customer Feedback to Fuel Success: Increasing the odds of a powerful product launch with help from customers. Featuring Belsasar Lepe, SVP of Product and Solutions @Ooyala

April 18, 2017

Join in as Belsasar talks about his journey starting and growing his own business in a competitive environment that required them to find and utilize their biggest advantage - their customers and the customers of their competitors.


  • How his family history shaped his aversion to ‘serial entrepreneurship” and led other leaders to dub him one of the “hardest working people I’ve ever met”
  • Why they try to learn from their competitors in the space ‘by proxy’ and how they get in front of customers who are using other platforms
  • Why listening to customers who had been brutally honest in the past led to a stronger product launch
  • A Mic Drop Moment that proved that sometimes it’s okay to push hard on customers



Customer Experience:

  • How they ensure they’re meeting the needs of their customers through experimentation
  • Why they don’t like to go more than a month without getting a product in front of their customers value getting products and updates in front of their customers early and often
  • How understanding your customers competitors sets you ahead
  • Using customer feedback to amplify your success
  • How Agile methodologies help improve customer experience

Tips, Tools & Resources:


  • Net Promoter Score: How to use it to gather customer feedback and what to do with the data collected
  • Top 3 Tips: For leaders who care about customer experience
  • Hiring Athletes: Why they make the best teammates in business



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