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(UB023) Becoming a Best Place to Work: How one CEO took his company to the #1 slot in the country and what it would take for you to do the same thing. Featuring Shawn Boyer, Founder @ Snagajob

April 4, 2017

Listen in as Shawn Boyer talks about why it was important for his company to become a Best Place to Work and how it allowed them to beat their competitors and bring in high returns for their investors. We dive deep into the relationship between this CEO and his Chief People Officer to better understand how that partnership led to such high levels of success.

Join us as we sound off about:


  • Why Shawn made culture such a high priority and how it led to them having over 65 million profiles on their site and over 200,000 companies using their services
  • The story of the day Snagajob found out they were the #1 Best Place to Work in the country in the small and medium category.
  • Why being on the Best Place to Work list mattered to Shawn and when he set that goal for the company
  • What being on the list does to employees and how it’s a double edged sword for leaders
  • What he does when employees want something he can’t give them
  • The role storytelling and testimonials played in keeping employees and leaders connected to the mission of the company
  • How he took his vision for creating a great culture and turned it into a reality
  • The impact his Chief of People had on their ability to become a Best Place to Work and why he’s glad he hired a CPO as early as he did

Tips, Tools & Resources:

  • Advice to the CEO: Tips and guidance for the CEO of a small company who wants to be known for having a great culture
  • 4 Characteristics of a good Chief People Officer: Seriously, don’t miss out on this part of the podcast
  • Engagement Surveys and Pulse Checks: How they gathered employee feedback at Snagajob, their strategy and process for capturing data and doing something with it including the role of the Culture Team on collecting cross departmental feedback
  • Organizational Alignment: How they cascaded their Mission Statement with values, vision, a 3 year plan, a 1 year plan and goals to make sure there was a strong correlation between the heart of the business and the quantitative data and measures. Why this allowed their employees to connect with the mission of the company in an emotional way
  • Keeping HR From Being Marginalized: How he made sure the CPO was seen and treated as an important asset to by his senior leadership team and the rest of his company



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