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(UB021) Transforming a Struggling Company: How one leader proved that the right focus on people and process can turn any company around. Featuring Ryan Hagan, COO @Qualtrax

March 7, 2017

Don’t miss Ryan Hagan talk about what he learned leading teams at an ‘idyllic’ company that was growing quickly, had some of the top customer engagement, employee engagement and manager effectiveness scores in the country and was a nationally recognized Best Place to Work. More importantly, hear about how he applied those philosophies to a struggling software company to completely transform the way they do business.

Today we sound off about:


  • Why Ryan took on the challenge of turning around a struggling software company as a way to prove that his methodologies are sound
  • When and why he became focused on being a great leader
  • How the book “Drive” by Daniel Pink changed the way he leads

Tips, Tools & Resources:

  • Lack of discipline: How it gets companies into trouble
  • Agile Philosophies & Daily Standups: How they helped strengthen the company
  • Performance Review Process: Why they blew theirs up
  • Employee Engagement Surveys: Why they matter and how he uses them
  • Intentional Process Design: How he transformed the product development process, the sales process and the culture
  • Net Promoter Scores: What it is, why and how they use it
  • Strengths Profile and DISC: Two tools that help him build strong relationships with the members of his team
  • One on One’s: Why you need to do them weekly even though you don’t agree
  • Culture Change: The number one thing he’s done


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