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(UB019) The Link Between Employee Engagement and 12 Million Dollars in Growth: CEO & NYT Bestselling Author Kevin Kruse sounds off about why leaders should care about creating powerful engagement

February 7, 2017

Don’t miss out on hearing Kevin talk about how his shift from working ‘in’ his business to working ‘on’ his business allowed him to grow his company to 12 million in revenue in 5 years.

You’ll hear us sound off about:

  • The personal and professional shift that led to Kevin spending more time on leadership, engagement and talent for his company and less time on operations
  • The role that engagement surveys played in the success of his company and why doing them every 6 months made all the difference
  • “The Secret” to designing a strong engagement survey strategy and why you should pick one area to work on for every 3 to 6 month cycle
  • Why so few companies don’t execute on their employee engagement surveys correctly and what it takes to create a strong employee engagement survey strategy
  • What you can learn from Campbell Soup’s rebound and dedicated focus on engagement
  • How to tell if a CEO truly cares about engagement and examples of engagement focused CEO behaviors
  • Kevin’s advice to CEOs who want to take their engagement to the next level
  • Find out why he believes that if you want to change engagement it has to be from the bottom up - and why I disagree with him
  • How he keeps engagement top of mind as CEO of his own company with an ICE Triangle (Investors, Customers, Employees)
  • The mistake he made in his last company by measuring the wrong outcome which led to internal problems around engagement and taught him a big lesson
  • The advice Kevin has for me on the direction of my career
  • His number one piece of advice for you around increasing engagement

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