Utter Brilliance

UB009: The CEO from the ‘little company that hit the Star Wars jackpot’ shares his story of partnering with Disney to create the newest Star Wars droid, BB-8. Featuring Paul Berberian, CEO at Sphero.

October 3, 2016

Listen in as Paul Berberian walks us through the life changing events in his personal life that forced him to step down as CEO of his highly successful company, stumble through a slew of business failures and eventually become the CEO of Sphero, the company that worked with Disney to create the BB-8 droid used in the most recent Star Wars movie. In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How a life changing event forced him to step down as CEO of his own, hugely successful company and how he processes the professional decisions years later

  • How this decision led to a slew of business failures from 2003 - 2010

  • How he became the CEO at Sphero

  • About the biggest strategic move their company could possibly make

  • Their experience with the Disney Accelerator Program

  • Story of the day they met Bob Iger, Chief Executive of Disney and how they went from their initial meeting to partners in the creation of the BB-8 droid for the most recent Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens

  • The current relationship his company has with Disney

  • Example of a meeting his team had with Disney where they were given some Disney Love, Attention and Scrutiny

  • Feature of BB8 that ended up being dropped for safety reasons

  • Why Sphero cares so much about their customers getting value

  • Why they have such a great synergy with Disney

  • How they help ensure their customers are satisfied with their product

  • They sold 300,000 BB-8 Droids in the first four days

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