Utter Brilliance

UB008: How one company established a culture focused on the customer experience including an innovative way to track and measure the health of the customer. Featuring Bismarck Lepe, CEO at Wizeline

September 26, 2016

Bismarck Lepe shares insight into how his company has established a framework for improving customer engagement that includes both the Net Promoter Score and a proprietary tracking system that gives each customer an engagement score that is then reviewed by the executive team during regular interviews so a plan can be created to increase the customer engagement rates. Today you’ll hear Bismarck’s perspective on:

  • Why Wizeline was created and how they are able to help their customers

  • How and why they established a culture focused on the customer experience

  • Health of Our Customer meetings and why they’re a major focus at Wizeline

  • Why it’s important to keep the leadership team focused on customers

  • How the leadership team stays focused on customers

  • The difference between customer success teams and technical support

  • How the role of Customer Success Managers has impacted their bottom line

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