Utter Brilliance

(UB025): Psychology and Leadership: How a disadvantaged and troubled childhood became a Leadership Superpower when it comes to growing her people. Featuring Lisa Myers, CEO and Founder @ Verve Search

April 22, 2018

Follow along as Lisa Myers, CEO and Founder of the SEO Agency Verve Search, shares the story of how her childhood led to an intense focus on understanding what drives, motivates and inspires people. From a young age she knew she was going to be a leader but the path to becoming an award winning agency hasn’t always been easy.

Today we sound off about:


  • Being Female in a Male Dominated Industry: Including examples of being targeted negatively because of her gender, specific things that were said and done along the way, how she choose to pick her battles
  • Having a People Focused Vision: Why she started her own business as a way to prove to others that her vision had credibility and would lead to success
  • Leading Through Growth: The biggest challenges she’s faced ensuring her company was people focused through times of quick growth
  • Psychology in Business: Why she relies so heavily on cognitive and behavioral psychology as a leader and why you should too
  • Compelling Message: The message she’s compelled to share with other leaders and how she was able to achieve a Mic Drop Moment that would make most leaders envious

Tips, Tools & Resources:

  • Characteristics of a Good Manager: Including how she grooms leaders & why it’s important to focus on people who have the makings of a naturally good leaders
  • Fitting People Into Boxes: Why you’ll have more success as a leader if you stop trying to fit people into a box
  • Seeing Potential in Others: How to elevate people who can't see their own potential
  • Healthy Conflict in Companies: Why she forced her entire company to spend an hour arguing and why they were better off for doing it
  • Rubber Band Theory: The power of stretching people past their comfort zone and seeking out leaders who have had tough life experiences
  • Authenticity: Stop worrying about what others think, start being more ‘you’ and use human emotion to better connect and inspire others

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